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Individual Accounts

To preserve web pages with Perma, you need an account. To register for an individual account, please visit our signup page.

You don't need an account to view an archived page that someone else preserved.

Registrar Accounts

Perma also offers accounts to libraries and other entities who administer the Perma service for the individuals and smaller groups within their communities. We call each of these entities a "registrar." Each registrar decides which individuals and groups are affiliated with it and generally supervises the use of Perma by those affiliates.

Account Affiliations

Accounts can be affiliated with any number of registrars. Affiliations are like sponsorships. When a registrar chooses to affiliate with an individual or group, those affiliates share in the registrar's usage plan and can preserve web pages in that registrar's name. The registrar can see and manage any preserved records they've made through that affiliation. And the registrar can end the affiliation at any time.

Usage Plans

Free Usage Plans

Perma is free for academic use. If you are a member of an academic community (current student, faculty or staff) and your library is a Perma registrar, contact your library to request affiliation. If your library is not yet a Perma registrar, they can learn more and sign up for free using this page:

Perma also is free for use by state and federal courts and their employees, including reporters of decisions, judges, clerks and other court staff. If your court is interested in using Perma, you can use this page to learn more and contact us about signing up:

Law firms, publishers, news organizations and other entities may become registrars through a paid usage plan, which will give them access to Perma's collaboration and administrative tools and allow them to make Perma available to their employees. To learn more about paid plans, please contact us.

For individuals who are not affiliated with Perma regsitrars, or who want independent access to Perma, we offer paid usage plans. We currently offer monthly subscriptions and bundled purchase options. To learn more, login and visit the Usage Plan tab in your Account Settings.